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Heater Repair

When you need a heater repair in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, there are two different types of heating systems in residential homes. The two systems are either

1.) a 3 piece split system with an AC condenser outside, an evaporator coil, and a furnace. or

2.) a 2 piece system with an air handler and an evaporator coil.


To learn more about the differences in heating and AC systems, click here: Types of AC and Heating Systems. We do heater repair for both types of systems.


There are common problems that people have with both types of systems that will need heater repair. Learn about common heater problems here and here.


If your heater is broken, call us anytime at (682)214-HVAC to have us come out and find your problem. We charge $29 for the service call, and that price includes the diagnostic fee to find your problem.


If your heater is not broken, but you want to have it checked out to make sure it is safe before running it all season, we also do free safety checks every time we do a service call on a heater.

Sometimes we run great specials on a heater tune-ups and safety inspections, so call to find out current pricing. Even if you don't need a heater repair, there are several great reasons why a tune up and safety inspection is important: 4 Safety And Efficiency Benefits Of A Heater Tune Up


If you have a three piece system with a furnace, you may be wondering how you can clean the furnace on your own.

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How Do I Clean the inside of my Furnace?

A furnace will sit and sit for sometimes as much as 8 months out of the year or more in Texas. Face it, it hasn't been super cold in awhile and we haven't needed to call a Heating Repair Expert  for Keller, Fort Worth and Dallas areas to come fix our furnaces or heaters.  But lets say you wanted to try and get that done yourself with no help from a pro.

I tell my customers they can clean their outdoor AC condenser all the time but I do advice against messing with the Heater or Furnace or Heat Pump.


However, if you do want to clean your furnace, make sure you keep the gas off. We don’t want any problems. Next you need to find the doors that are on the furnace. It should be 2 pieces. Remember the configuration of those two doors because some manufactures thought it would be funny to make it crazy. This industry just got knobs like last year.


But once you get the door off now you can look inside and see where dust and debris are. Be very careful to not mess with electrical components etc. At this time you also need to turn the electricity to the appliance off. This is following their recommended procedures as well as how an HVAC tech would do it. Get the dust off the screens of heat exchangers, and then remove dust from the cabinet lips and cabinet bottoms and tops.


If you feel you really need to get into the system but aren't prepared yet just call TEXAS DISCOUNT AIR @682-214-HVAC(4822)


We service Fort Worth, Keller, Watauga, Haltom City, Saginaw, North Richland Hills, Colleyville, Roanoke, Southlake, and north Fort Worth.


When you need a heating repair, call us!

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