Common Heating Problems

November 14, 2016 Todd Hoffman

Just like any other appliance, your heating system will probably break down on you at the worst possible time. These heating problems will cause frustration, but when we are dealing with Natural Gas Furnaces installed in the Keller, SouthLake, Hurst, Watauga, Bedford, Roanoke, Saginaw, Haltom City, Fort Worth, Dallas, Mid-Cities areas, these systems will normally have a few safety systems built in to protect it from the worst type of emergencies during breakdown.


But when dealing with gas, even the items that are supposed to protect us, break down as well. When we say furnace, we are actually referring to the heater. This is because there are two types of heating systems that homes in the Mid-Cities, Fort Worth and Dallas area are installed with.


We will talk about furnaces and their problems and Air Handlers/Heat Pumps and their problems.




  • Furnaces use Natural Gas to provide heat. They do this by taking in the vapor gas and burning it off through burners. This happens inside these serpentine looking pipes that we call heat exchangers. When these pipes are hot, the blower will begin blowing air over it and then through the ducts to heat your home. But what happens when you hear the blower blowing air, but the air is not hot?


  1. “Furnace is not blowing hot air”: This means there is a problem in the gas delivery system of the furnace, i.e. Gas valve. This could also mean that safety limits have shut down because of some limit that was reached be it heat or time. Most of these will need to be reset only by a Furnace, Heater, Heating System Residential Repair company. Call TEXAS DISCOUNT AIR @ 682-214-HVAC(4822)


  1. “Furnace is not even blowing air”: This would mean that your blower motor is likely burnt out or had a limit switch failure or winding failure. This is the more severe of the repairs. Call TEXAS DISCOUNT AIR @682-214-HVAC(4822)


  1. “Im always light headed when the furnace comes on.”: This is the most severe of all the repairs and can cause the most danger to you and your family. This is when the Heat Exchanger cracks open and allows Carbon Monoxide to be blown into your home. You must call for repair right away. Call TEXAS DISCOUNT AIR @ 682-214-HVAC(4822)




  • Air Handlers and Heat Pumps are the electrical versions of their gas cousins. However something very different is happening. Air Handlers will have little toaster type strips in them with which to heat you with. You can understand that this would cost a little bit more in electricity usage. It does however heat your home very, very fast. The Heat Pump is actually your outdoor AC Condenser but in the reverse. When you need Heat, this unit will reverse the way refrigerant flows and act to make some components act like their opposite piece in the chain.


  1. My outdoor unit is covered with ice”: This unit functions as an AC in the summertime but here we have it being used as a Heater. Well because its doing that, it will often time get covered with ice, because lets face it it can be really cold out there. So there is a defrost timer built in but it doesn’t always work. Without being repaired or replaced, this will cause you to have to do one thing: Buy a new unit because yours will be toast, in a bad way.


  1. My blower runs and runs all day with no heat” : When this happens it is usually because the heating elements have failed and the fan relays are just stuck on good ole run. In Keller, Euless, Bedford, Roanoke, Saginaw, Watauga, North Richland Hills, Colleyville, Southlake, Fort Worth, DFW and Mid-Cities you just need to Call Texas Discount Air @ 682-214-HVAC(4822)