4 Safety and Efficiency Benefits of a Heater Tune Up

November 22, 2016 Todd Hoffman

Heater Tune Up — Four Safety and Efficiency Benefits from a Heater Tune Up


Can an HVAC system run cooler or heat better when it is looked at by an HVAC contractor? Here are 4 ways a HVAC can run better after a tune-up:


1. A technician will check that all safety features are functioning. He will perform a test that simulates the conditions under which they would normally activate and see if they respond. Many customers have discovered serious problems in a systems safety features that were supposed to be protecting them and weren’t.



2. Let’s say one of your limit switches in your heating system has been activating once every 5 cycles due to a similar type restriction of fresh air. If the technician comes and removes it, then yes, you gain a benefit.


3. In about 30% of systems that are inspected, other problems will be found before they became safety issues for the homeowner.


4. Let’s say your system has a huge restriction in it and has been running 4 hrs every day to get to the temperature you want. Then a technician comes and removes that restriction and now it runs two hours to reach that temp. That does help your electric bill and gains you a benefit.


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Fort Worth Heater Tune Up
4 Safety and Efficiency Benefits of a Heater Tune-Up