I hear something running, but we have no heat.

I get calls for this one a lot. A customer will say, “I hear the furnace in the attic. It sounds like it’s trying to come on, but it just never does.” When this happens, it’s usually because the system is going through some of its shutdowns and delays due to problems with the gas valve, heat limit switches, too much carbon monoxide in the flue gas, and/or bad combustion.


While these are the more serious problems that might occur with your heater in the winter time, they are still repairable. Don’t always think that ‘serious’ means ‘expensive.’


We will find your problem and then let you know the price to fix it. We always encourage you to choose the option that is best for you. While there are generally standard industry prices on heater repairs, we have a caveat: We are Discounted!! So call TEXAS DISCOUNT AIR @682-214-HVAC(4822)